Reasons to Choose SSD over HDD in 2023 (Why You Choose!)


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Apr 2, 2023 Published


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A perfect storage drive can improve the performance and functionality of your computer. But you have to carefully pick the right one for your computer. You know there are two different types of storage available in the market: SSD and HDD. I think an SSD is the best choice for you.

In this article, I am going to discuss why you should select SSD over HDD. So let's focus on that.

What Is SSD

You might already have heard about SSD(solid-state-drive). SSD is the modern technology storage drive for computers and laptops. These types of storage drives are faster and work more efficiently than the traditional type of storage drives.

Most of the modern generation laptops and computers are built with a solid-state drive. The main fascinating factor for an SSD is it doesn't have any moving parts in it.

There are various types of SSD available in the tech market. Let's focus on some common types of SSD.

  • M.2 - M.2 is one of the commonly used SSD in modern generation slim laptops. It's famous for its compactness and small size. It kinda looks like RAM. It's very easy to customize and install. You can easily change the M.2 SSD based on your requirements.
  • mSATA - mSATA is another famous type of SSD that has been used in most devices. The size of this mSATA is similar to the M.2 SSD. But this type of SSD is not changeable like the M.2 SSD.
  • U.2 - U.2 SSD is more powerful than the previous types of SSD. It's specially made for heavy-duty computers. It has a high level of operating functionalities.

What Is HDD

HDD (Hard-Disk-Drive) is the most commonly used and the oldest form of storage drive for computers and laptops. Most of the HDDs are internally installed in the computers. But there are also external hard drives available in the market.

HDD has a huge amount of space capacity to store various kinds of files, documents, etc. Also, HDDs are cheaper than the modern generation SSD.

Reasons to Choose SSD over HDD in 2023

  1. Faster Performance

    There is no doubt that an SSD is one of the fastest storage drives at the current time. SSD turns on the computer in a short amount of time. Also, the data and bandwidth management system of the SSD is faster.

    The difference between the speed of SSD and HDD is recognizable. Regular types of SSD can transmit data at around 50-150 MB/s speed. It's very slow in comparison to the SSD speed.

    The latest generation of SSD can easily write any data at 500-600 MB/s speed. Some of the specific models of NVMe SSD can transmit data at unimaginable speed.

    The data transformation speed of NVMe SSD is 3000-3500 MB/s. For the fastest experience, you should choose SSD rather than HDD.

    The disk reading speed of the storage drive is also significant for the performance of computers and laptops. HDD contains a very low disk reading speed which is 0.1 to 1.5 MB/s. On the other hand, the regular type SSD has a 50-300MB/s disk reading speed. Also when you are going to transfer data with USB cables, HDD takes a huge amount of time for the transferring process.

    By considering all these factors SSD wins the game in terms of overall performance.

  2. Durability

    For storage, durability is a major factor. Because you don't want to change the storage drive frequently. It will cost a huge amount of money. Also bad for your computer's life. You should pick a durable storage drive.

    Well, let's understand which storage drive is the best option for durability and longevity.

    First look at the HDD. We know HDD contains moving hardware parts to run the processing. It generally increases the temperature of the hardware.

    This frequent heating issue slows down the performance and damages the HDD over time. But if we think about SSD, it's different. Because the SSD doesn't have any moving parts. It can provide the fastest performance than the HDD. Also, it's usable for a longer period.

    So finally we can tell that the SSD wins over HDD in terms of durability and longevity.

  3. Power Consumption

    You know that power consumption is a significant issue for devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

    Especially if you are using a portable device like a laptop, you must focus on power and battery backup. The power consumption of any device depends on its processor and storage type.

    Because the storage drive sends the data to the processor and then the processor manages that program.

    So if the storage drive remains slow and underperforming, it will consume too much power to send the data to the processor. Suppose your computer has an HDD. We know HDD has magnetic spinning parts which constantly move to process anything. For those moving parts, it generally took too much power.

    On the other hand, an SSD is more power efficient than an HDD storage drive.

    SSD consumes less power. So it becomes the best choice for laptops and computers. Most tech manufacturers use SSD drives for making the device more power efficient.

  4. Storage Capacity

    Without enough capacity, a storage drive can't serve its purposes.

    Because storage is only used for storing multiple types of data in it. So first know how much storage the HDD drive contains. HDD drives come with various storage capacities such as 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 12TB, etc. Also, HDDs are more reasonable in price than SSD storage.

    But if you think about the storage capacity of the SSD, it contains a higher price for a low amount of space. Most people don't have enough budget to purchase high-capacity SSD.

    Only for the storage capacity SSD becomes defeated by the HDD. But in other sectors like performance, durability, and power consumption, SSD always wins.

  5. Data Security

    We often store multiple necessary data on the storage drive. Nowadays almost all offices and institutions use computers to store important files and documents. So these files must be secured. 

    Because sometimes when the device malfunctions, the storage drive gets crushed. So you might lose those important files in a second. But most of the storage drive has options for restoring data.

    There is no such difference between SSD and HDD. But you know that the SSD is built with the latest technology, so it has advanced features for data recovery. The processing speed of the SSD is faster than the HDD.

    So that from the SSD you can easily restore the data than HDD drives.

  6. Noise

    When we are running our computers or laptops, extra noise can be problematic. Because it will break the user's concentration. Also, the unusual noise can be irritating during watching any videos.

    HDD creates extra noise during running any programs. Because we already know that HDD has moving parts. These parts are constantly run during any program. So it naturally creates unusual noises.

    But the SSD is a more smooth and more noise-free storage drive. Because it doesn't have any moving parts for running the programs.

Tips For Improve the Performance of SSD

Update Firmware

Most of the modern versions of SSD have the option for firmware updates. The manufacturer constantly releases updates for improving the performance of the SSD. So if you want to improve the performance of the SSD, you must regularly update the firmware of the SSD.

Remove Temporary Files

Temporary files are one of the biggest reasons for slowing down your SSD files. Because unnecessary files consume too much space on the storage drive. For that purpose, you should focus on removing the temporary files to speed up the performance.

Disable Startup Programs

Startup programs can slow down the performance of your SSD. Because when you turn on the computer, all the startup programs spontaneously start running in the background. So it creates extra pressure on the SSD. So you should focus on turning off all the startup programs on your computer.

Final Words

There is no confusion that the storage drive influences the speed and performance of your computer. So which storage drive should you choose for regular use? The SSD storage drive always beats the HDD. Because in terms of performance, and power consumption, the security SSD becomes more powerful than the HDD. Are you looking for the best quality SSD?

You can check our Walton Digitech store. We have various types of internal and external SSD. By the way, you can check our other tech accessories like headphones, memory cards, smart watches, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: What Is the data transformation speed of the SSD?

    Ans: The data transformation speed of the regular SSD is more than 500MB/s. Also, the latest generation of NVMe SSD can transfer data at 3000-3500 MB/s.

  2. Ques:Why is the SSD faster than the HDD?

    Ans: SSD(solid-state-drive) is faster because it doesn't have any moving hardware parts for running the process. Where the HDD contains moving hardware parts. So it takes lots of time to manage programs.

  3. Ques: Which is a power-efficient storage drive?

    Ans: SSD is a power-efficient and faster storage drive for computers and laptops. It's especially efficient for portable devices like laptops.


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