7 Key Points to Consider for Choosing The Right Projector in 2023


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Mar 4, 2023 Published


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If you want to enjoy any type of video content with your friends and family members, projectors will be the first choice.

Because projectors provide expanded image quality with high resolution. So multiple audiences will comfortably watch videos.

Projectors are very helpful for office work. With the help of projectors, office team members can easily arrange online video conferences and presentations. You can easily connect devices like laptops, computers, and tablets with the projectors.

But how can you buy the right projector for your everyday use?

No worries, I am going to share with you significant tips that will help you to select the best projector.

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing The Right Projector in 2023

When you are going to buy a projector, you must have better ideas about this device. Otherwise, you might choose the wrong projector which will not be suitable for your use.

Let's see some essential factors that you should focus on while purchasing a projector.

  1. Select the Right Resolution
  2. Especially when you are going to purchase a device like a projector or a monitor, you must focus on its resolution specification of it.

    The display resolution impacts the image quality of your projector video.

    High-resolution capability can provide you with a smooth and clear viewing experience. Suppose you are playing a high-config game on your pc with the projector. Your pc has the better configuration to play high graphics games.

    But for the low projector resolution, your gaming experience might get hampered. The video quality of your game will get blurred and pixelated for the reason of the resolution.

    Then which resolution should you choose for better video quality?

    Various types of resolution are available for the projectors.

    • Full HD - Full HD resolution is the most commonly used resolution for projectors. The pixel measurement of this resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. It's effective for watching 1080p videos.
    • 2K QHD - 2K resolution contains upper pixel capability than the Full HD resolution projectors. Its measurement is 2560x1440 pixels. Most modern projectors have the 2K resolution capability.
    • 4K UHD - 4K is the best choice for smooth and high-quality videos. This resolution contains 3840x2160 pixels quality.

    If your main purpose is high-quality video watching like movies and gaming, you can choose 4K UHD resolution projectors. But Full HD projectors are beneficial for professional purposes like office meetings and digital classes.

  3. Focus on the Color Technology
  4. In terms of projectors, color processing systems impact the visual quality of the video.

    Projectors don't have any kind of physical form of display.

    So, how do the projectors provide the visual while running any videos?

    It takes the input from the connected device, then the color processing system provides a smooth and sharp visual in front of the audience.

    If your projector doesn't have the appropriate color processing technology, it will never be able to provide you with the best quality visual.

    You can find two different types of projectors based on color technology.

    • Digital Light Processing(DLP) - DLP projectors process the light with a color wheel and provide the final image with the reflections of multiple small mirrors. It can be called a micromirror reflection process. These kinds of projectors are more convenient, portable, and easy to use.
    • Liquid Crystal Display - LCD Projectors are the more traditional and oldest type of projectors available in the tech market. It processes the light with a standard lamp to display the video. The picture quality of this type of projector is good and sharp.

    Now, what do you think?

    Which type of projector is suitable for you?

    I can suggest you choose the DLP(Digital Light Processing) projectors. It's very portable to use. You can take it wherever you want. Also, it will provide you with decent visual-quality videos. DLP projectors are not so expensive. So it will easily fit with the budget.

  5. Appropriate Contrast Ratio
  6. Do you know the contrast ratio can affect the image viewing experience?

    First, let's get some ideas about the contrast ratio in projectors and displays.

    Well, the contrast ratio is the balance between the higher and lower brightness of the projector image.

    When you are going to choose the projector's contrast ratio, you need to focus on the setup environment of the projectors. Because the light source effectively influences the contrast of the projectors.

    Suppose, you need a projector for your office use. Normally office interiors are crafted with enough bright light.

    If you select a high-contrast projector, will it be good?

    No, because high-contrast projectors will not give you a better quality image in the bright area. So you should choose a low-contrast projector.

    On the other hand, low-contrast projectors are not appropriate for personal use.

    Specifically, when you are watching a movie or playing a game, it will make the image quality blackish and dim. So, it will ruin your entertainment time.

    I can't suggest which will be best for you. Because the contrast ratio will entirely depend on the using purpose of each user.

  7. Functions for Connectivity
  8. As you know the projectors are connected to an operating device.

    The operating device runs the program's video programs and the projector processes the image.

    If the projector doesn't have enough ports for connecting devices, how can it provide its purpose?

    At least a good quality projector should contain these ports.

    • HDMI
    • USB
    • Display Ports
    • VGA
    • DVI-D

    You have to ensure that projectors have multiple ports for different purposes.

    Let's assume, you want to console games with your projector. Most gaming consoles and PCs connect with the projector through the HDMI port.

    Now, if your projector doesn't have an HDMI port, how can you connect it to your console?

    So availability of the ports is the most important factor for projectors.

  9. Consider the Budget
  10. Did you get enough idea about the specifications of projectors?

    I hope I have successfully discussed all the factors of the specifications.

    I can assure you, no one will be able to misguide you to purchase the wrong projector.

    Now we have come to the main point which is budget. When we are talking about the budget, product quality will automatically come with it. If you think cheaper projectors are essential for everyday use then you are wrong.

    The price of the projectors depends on the functionality of the projectors.

    In the Bangladeshi tech market, you find Full HD projectors around 25,000 TK - 70,000 TK.

    But 4K UHD projectors are more expensive than FHD projectors. 4K projectors are available in 80,000 - 3,00,000 TK.

    Are you thinking of purchasing a low-priced projector?

    Cheaper ones are not always good for long-term use. Rather you can choose an optimum quality at a reasonable price.

    By the way, we have two different models of projectors in our Walton Digitech store.

    Don't worry about the price. We are ready to provide you with the best quality tech products at the most affordable price.

  11. Brightness Capacity
  12. Your projector's brightness or lumen capacity significantly impacts the visual outputs.

    The lumen's capacity should be matched with the natural light of the environment.

    This means it depends on where you placed your projector for use. In technical terms, the brightness metric of the projector is called “ANSI Lumens”.

    We don't use this term. Let's just call it lumens.

    Projector's brightness capacity range remains from 2000-5000 lumens based on the using purposes.

    Suppose you want to buy a projector for your home environment. Around 3000 lumens capacity projectors are the best choice for you. Because you don't need too high or too low a brightness capacity.

    Where 3000 lumens is the optimum level capacity for home projectors.

    But lumen capacity needs to be higher for professional places like educational institutes and offices. 

  13. Use an Ideal Screen
  14. Can you run the projector without a decent screen?

    It's not possible at any cost.

    A perfect projector screen helps in showing good visual quality.

    But during choosing the screen, you must remember that it needs to match the specification of the projector. Also, screen size is important for better resolution video quality.

    Various types of projector screens are available in the tech market.

    • Wall-mounted projector screen.
    • Fixed frame projector screen.
    • Double stand projector screen.
    • Tripod projector screen.
    • Manual projector screen.

    Of all these different types of screens, a tripod projector screen is the best option for portability. You can set up the screen at any place in your house or office.

Some Essential Tips for Setting Up the Projector For Home

Well, we have gone through a long discussion about buying the right projector.

I bet you now it will become very easy for you to grab the best projector for your everyday use.

So let's know some tips for setting up the projector.

  1. First, you need to find the right place to set up the projector. If you want to set up your home, the living room is the best option. Because the living room has enough space.
  2. Choose a portable wall-mounted screen for the projector. You can independently use it and remove it after using the projector.
  3. Select a good quality speaker as a sound system. It's very helpful for watching movies and playing console games.
  4. Ensure the projector and the screen are in the right alignment.
  5. Adjust the room light based on the contrast and brightness of your projector screen.
  6. Properly arrange all the cables like HDMI, USB, and electricity output.
  7. Use a remote controller for the display setting adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: Which resolution is better for the projector?
  2. Ans: 4K resolution can provide the best premium visual experience. Also, 2K resolution is optimum for most purposes like watching content or presentation.

  3. Ques: Which is the best color technology for projectors?
  4. Ans: Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) color technology is the best for smooth and high-quality visual outputs.

  5. Ques: What is the most important spec for a projector?
  6. Ans: The contrast ratio is the most important spec for the projectors. The contrast ratio is the balance between low and higher brightness.

Final Words

A right-quality projector can take your video content-watching experience to another level.

Especially, if you spend most of your weekend with your friends watching movies, a projector is the best companion for you.

But you need to know which projector is suitable for your use.

In this article, I have discussed some essential factors to help you choose the right projectors.


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