104 Number of Keys

English + Bengali Layout

USB 2.0 Connection


  • RGB Gaming keyboard


  • (L) 440 x (W)144 x (H) 37.2 mm


  • 650 ±5 g


  • Double injection + Laser Etching


  • Four-core black and white braided cable with white magnetic ring exposed 1.6m


  • 104

Operating Voltage

  • 5V+/-0.5V

Working current

  • <300mA MAX.


  • Yellow golden color aluminum alloy panel + white keycap and white bottom cover

RGB Mode

  • FN+1: Seven color streamer
  • FN+2: Seven color racing
  • FN+3: Seven color telescopic
  • FN+4: Seven color constant brightness
  • FN+5: Seven color breath
  • FN+6: Spectral cycle
  • FN+7: Kaleidoscope
  • FN+8: Sound control
  • FN+9: User defined area 8 (press FN+ direction key up and down to customize color, FN+ direction key left and right to select light area, custom color power failure does not save)
  • FN+0: Click ripple


  • WKG010WB
  • WKG011WB

Backlight brightness control

  • FN+PG UP brightness increases
  • FN+PG DN brightness reduction

Key lock function control

  • FN+WIN-L lock WIN function.
  • Press FN+WIN-L to lock the WIN and APP keys at the same time, then press to unlock, and there will be LED instructions.