7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Gaming Keyboard


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Apr 2, 2023 Published


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Can you think of a gaming PC without a perfect gaming keyboard?

No, it's not possible. Because a gaming pc must need a good quality gaming keyboard. The performance of your game depends on the type and quality of the keyboard.

So you should choose the keyboard for your gaming computer and laptop very carefully. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the full-fledged experience of proper PC games.

In this article, I am going to discuss those important factors that will help you to choose the best gaming keyboard.

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Gaming Keyboard

When you are searching for a keyboard for your gaming computer, you should focus on all these factors. It will help you to find a decent-quality gaming keyboard.

  1. Key Technology

    You know that the key is the main component of a keyboard. Keyboard key technology depends on the building materials of the keyboard.

    There are two different types of key technology generally used in gaming and regular keyboards.

    • Mechanical Key Technology - Mechanical key technology is one of the common types of the keyboard in the tech market. Mechanical keyboards are specially made for gaming enthusiasts. For high performance and accurate navigation, mechanical keyboards are the favorite option. This type of keyboard has switches under each key.
    • Membrane Key Technology - Membrane keyboards are another famous type of keyboard. The keys of these keyboards are attached with the rubber to the surface. You feel a softer typing experience with the membrane keyboards. But it's not suitable for playing games.

    So which keyboard technology is the best for you?

    I think you should choose a good quality mechanical keyboard.

    By the way, mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards. But for a good experience, you should spend some extra amount of money.

  2. Keyboard Size

    Size is a very crucial factor for accessories like gaming keyboards. Because the comfort depends on the size of the keyboard. You should choose the size of the keyboard based on your gaming pc setup.

    Suppose you have a large monitor with a huge desk. You have to pick a 100% full-size gaming keyboard.

    It will suit the overall setup of the keyboard. You will also feel comfortable during gaming.

    But if you have a small size setup, then full-size keyboards will not be appropriate for you. Rather you should focus on buying TenKeyless keyboards. This type of keyboard is special for its low amount of space.

    Another thing that is important for the keyboard size is your hand posture. Each individual feels comfortable with different types of keyboards.

    So before choosing the keyboard, first give a trial. After that, you can choose the gaming keyboard.

  3. Build Quality

    You must focus on the build quality of the keyboard. Because your keyboard's durability and longevity will depend on the build quality of the whole keyboard.

    Your main intention is to play games on your pc. It generally creates huge pressure on the keyboard. So if your keyboard's build quality is very low, it will become damaged in a short period of use.

    Do you know which is the core factor of keyboard build quality?

    The keycaps are the main elements that ensure the build quality.

    Keycaps are crafted in two different types such as ABS keycaps and PBT keycaps.  ABS keycaps are mainly focused on thermoplastic materials. Most of the common keyboards contain thermoplastic ABS keycaps.

    But ABS keycaps are not usable for the long term. It often gets faded and breaks after using it for a short term.

    On the other hand, PBT keycaps are essential for gaming keyboards. PBT keycaps are more strong and heat resistant than ABS keycaps. It will be able to take a good amount of pressure without any significant damage.

    So as a gamer PBT keyboards are the best choice for you.

  4. Connection

    Flexible connectivity is essential for the performance of a good-quality gaming keyboard. As the keyboards are external accessories for computers and laptops. Some people use a keyboard on their smartphones and tablets.

    So the keyboard must contain multiple options for connecting different types of devices. Generally, a keyboard contains USB cables for connecting devices.

    Also, you can find different types of wireless keyboards for gaming. The wireless keyboard doesn't connect with the wire, rather it merges with the device through Bluetooth and wifi technology.

    This type of keyboard is more flexible than regular wired gaming keyboards.

    If you choose a good quality wireless gaming keyboard you can easily use them for a longer period.

  5. Designs

    Well, I have discussed all the technical parts of a keyboard. Now, let's focus on the exterior design of a gaming keyboard.

    Along with the technical ability the design of the keyboards is also significant for its aesthetic value. The new versions of the latest keyboards are built with RGB backlight features. The backlight features create a powerful gaming environment.

    So before choosing a gaming keyboard, you should focus on the design of the keyboard.

  6. Analysis Customers Feedback

    Customer reviews are always important during buying any type of tech product. Because from the customer's reviews, you will know about the quality of the product.

    It's very easy to see the customers' reviews at the current time. Because most people purchase and sell products on multiple online websites and social media platforms. So you can check the comments and posts on the shop's website and social pages.

    You will get a crystal clear idea about the quality of the gaming keyboards before purchasing.

  7. Price and Warranty

    You know that gaming keyboards are available at different prices in the online and traditional tech markets. The prices of gaming keyboards depend on the features and functionality of the keyboard.

    High-quality gaming keyboards come at a higher price. But some of the low-quality keyboards are also available at a higher price for their brand value. So before looking at the price you must focus on the functionality.

    Along with the price you should focus on the after-sales warranty. Because it will keep you tension free while using the keyboard. For any kind of technical problem, you can contact the dealer for servicing.

Top Gaming Keyboards In Bangladesh

I think you already got an extensive idea about choosing the gaming keyboard for your favorite gaming pc.

Now I am going to share with you some high-quality and affordable gaming keyboards. You can easily purchase these keyboards from our online store.

  1. Walton Mechanical Keyboard | KM03
  2. Walton Mechanical Keyboard | KM02
  3. Walton Keyboard | WKG005WB
  4. Walton Keyboard | WKG006WB
  5. Walton Keyboard | WKS005WN
  6. Walton RGB Gaming Keyboard | WKG010WB | WKG011WB

Final Words

A decent-quality gaming keyboard is always useful to improve your overall gaming performance. If you are a hardcore gamer, you can't even think of gaming without a gaming keyboard.

But as a beginner, it's very difficult to find an efficient gaming keyboard. Because multiple types of online stores provide gaming accessories. Before choosing the gaming keyboard you have to focus on essential factors like build quality, keyboard size, connectivity, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: Which key technology is the best for gaming keyboards?

    Ans: The mechanical key technology is the most suitable key technology for gaming keyboards. Most of the modern types of gaming keyboards contain mechanical keyboard technology. For better gaming performance you should choose mechanical keyboards.

  2. Ques: Are wireless gaming keyboards essential?

    Ans: Currently, wireless gaming keyboards are one of the popular types of pc keyboards. It's famous for its flexible functionality. You don't require any wire to connect the keyboard to your computer.

  3. Ques: Which gaming keyboard is the best in Bangladesh?

    Ans: Walton RGB Gaming Keyboard | WKG010WB | WKG011WB is the best choice for gamers. This keyboard is specially made for gaming. It's available at the most affordable price in our Walton Digitech store.


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