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May 31, 2023 Published


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If you're a dedicated laptop or PC gamer, investing in a high-quality gaming mouse can significantly improve your overall gaming experience. With improved cursor control, extra customizable buttons, and increased comfort, gaming mice are designed to enhance your gameplay. While the best gaming mouse of 2023 won't instantly turn you into a professional gamer, it can provide faster response times and additional inputs, resulting in a more enjoyable and responsive gaming experience as you continue to practice and improve. Read this blog to know how you can choose the best gaming mouse.

Considering Factors While Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse

Grip Types & Comfort

Comfort is a subjective factor when it comes to choosing a mouse as everyone's hands are different. But ensuring your comfort is the most crucial step when buying a mouse. You can choose your mouse based on your hand size whether you have small, average-sized, or big hands.

Consider three grip styles - palm, fingertip, and claw that most people use when holding a mouse. The palm grip is the most common grip style that provides the best control. Depending on the size of your hand, you might need a specific mouse length for comfortable use. The Fingertip grip allows for more rapid movements, while the claw grip offers a balance between the two.

Wired or Wireless

Gone are the days when buying a wireless gaming mouse meant compromising on responsiveness. The advancements in wireless connectivity have made the latency difference between a quality wireless model and a reliable wired gaming mouse almost imperceptible. But remember we're only referring to mice that use a 2.4GHz connection through a USB dongle, not Bluetooth. While many wireless models support both connection options, Bluetooth's latency is typically too high for gaming purposes.

Despite the improvement in battery life, wireless gaming mice still have some trade-offs. Due to their higher performance demands and often RGB lighting, they usually don't last as long as traditional wireless models. A rechargeable mouse used regularly may not offer more than a few days of power. Again, good wireless gaming mice are usually much more expensive than their wired counterparts.

The premium cost of wireless gaming mice might be worth it somehow. Who wants yet another cable on their already cluttered desk? Besides, you may require a wireless model if you dislike the feeling of cable drag or if your gaming PC is situated in an awkward location. Many wireless gaming mice come with a cable you can use in emergencies. But if cost is a concern, a quality wired mouse is typically the better value.

Design & Build Quality

A high-quality gaming mouse needs to be durable and not bend or make noises when used under intense conditions. You can also go for mice with smooth exteriors that do not have any sharp angles or ridges that can make them uncomfortable to hold. While most gaming mice are made of plastic, the type of finish can make a significant difference. Look for surfaces that are not too slippery and can handle sweaty palms, which are common during long gaming sessions.

Gaming mice are generally available in two design styles: ergonomic and ambidextrous. Ergonomic gaming mice are typically designed for right-handed users and often feature dedicated thumb rests. Ambidextrous mice are symmetrical and can be used with either hand, although they may not have extra buttons on both sides. The choice between these two shapes mostly depends on personal preference.

Again, a gaming mouse's feet should provide a smooth glide and minimize friction between the mouse and the surface below it. For the best performance, look for feet made from PTFE (or Teflon). Over time, all feet will wear down, but many mice come with extra feet, and most manufacturers sell replacements if necessary.

While flashy RGB lighting is a nice addition, it is not a crucial feature. But if you have already decorated your setup with RGB lighting, having a mouse with adjustable lighting effects can enhance your gaming experience. Some mice also allow you to assign custom lighting settings to different profiles, making it easier to identify which one you are currently using.


In recent years, gaming mice have been designed to be increasingly lightweight, with some models even weighing as little as 45 grams. But your mouse doesn't need to be that light, as anything under 80g is still relatively low and a 100g mouse won't feel like a heavyweight. A lighter mouse can make it easier to perform fast and repeated movements with less effort.

That being said, some gamers still prefer a slightly heavier mouse, particularly for games that don't require lightning-fast reflexes. To achieve lower weights, some manufacturers have created gaming mice with a "honeycomb" design, which involves cutting out several sections of the outer shell. Although these mice can still perform well, the holes in the shell expose the internal circuit board to potential damage from sweat, dust, and other debris, making them less durable in the long run. So, we generally avoid recommending models with this design.

Performance & Sensors

The optical sensors in most modern gaming mice are fast and accurate enough for most people's needs, although some models can perform better than others. Gaming mouse responsiveness is not determined by just one specification. Some mentionable specifications are as follows:

  • IPS (inches per second) is the maximum velocity a mouse sensor can handle before losing tracking accuracy.
  • DPI (dots per inch) measures a mouse's sensitivity, with 800 being a common sweet spot and few people playing above 3,000.
  • Acceleration refers to how many Gs a mouse can withstand before it stops tracking accurately.
  • Lift-off distance is the height at which a mouse's sensor stops tracking, and competitive players prefer this distance to be as low as possible to avoid unintended cursor movements during mouse repositioning.
  • Polling rate measures how often a mouse reports its position to a computer, with a rate of 500Hz or above being suitable for gaming. The current standard for most gamers is 1,000Hz.

Buttons, Switches & Scroll Wheels

When choosing a gaming mouse, consider the feel and responsiveness of the main buttons. Models with softer buttons and enough travel distance to prevent accidental clicks are preferred, but this can vary depending on personal preference. Low click latency is crucial to ensure your clicks register with minimal delay.

Apart from standard buttons, a good gaming mouse needs to have programmable buttons for quick macros or shortcuts. For most games, at least two extra buttons on the thumb side are recommended, while MMO mice should have at least 12 side buttons to access as many hotbar commands as possible. Many modern gaming mice now use optical switches instead of mechanical ones for added durability and less chance of double-clicking issues.

The scroll wheel should have distinct ratcheted steps without too much resistance, and a grippy texture. It also needs to be clickable for added customization options, such as controlling the zoom on a sniper rifle. The scroll wheel mustn't be too loud or distracting when in use.

Onboard Memory & Software

Many users have reported issues with buggy gaming mouse software, which can cause frustration and inconvenience. So, the ideal software needs to be lightweight and not require constant use. It needs to allow you to adjust all the settings mentioned earlier and support multiple profiles.

Again, it should enable you to save your customized settings directly to the mouse, so you can easily switch to them on another device without having to reinstall the software. While Windows compatibility is essential, support for Mac systems is also desirable.

Customer Support & Warranty

The market for gaming mice is crowded with products from lesser-known brands that may be hyped up on YouTube, Reddit, or other corners of the internet. While many of these lesser-known mice are excellent, it is still important to ensure that there is some level of customer support available if you choose to buy from a more niche brand.

It is important to note that most major gaming mouse brands offer warranties that range from one to three years. Generally, the longer and more comprehensive the warranty offered by the manufacturer, the better. This is true for most consumer tech products, but it is particularly important to keep in mind when it comes to gaming mice.

Brand & Price

There are several gaming mouse brands on the market, and prices can vary widely. Select a renowned brand that gives suitable service for money. Nobody would prefer buying a gaming mouse time and again for trivial issues. So, buy the best wireless gaming mouse 2023 or the best gaming mouse for FPS, or whichever is your requirement once, and relax.

You’ll get a suitable gaming mouse within a price range of BDT 500 to BDT 600 if you aren’t ready to spend too much on a gaming mouse.

Best Gaming Mice in Bangladesh

Walton Gaming Wired Mouse | WMG009WB- Best Budget Gaming Mouse

The WMG009WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse from Walton Digitech is an impressive addition to any gaming setup. This mouse boasts a sleek design and a variety of features that make it a great choice for gamers of all levels.

One of the standout features of this mouse is the resolution switch, which allows you to choose from four different DPI settings: 1000, 1600, 2400, and 3200. This makes it easy to adjust the mouse sensitivity to your preferences and the requirements of the game you are playing. Again, the six keys (left, right, wheel, DPI, forward, and backward) give you plenty of options for customizing your gameplay experience.

The Sunplus 180 chipset ensures that the mouse is responsive and accurate, and the LED lights with breathing effect add a touch of style to your setup. The nylon braided cable is a nice touch as well, as it is durable and less prone to tangling than traditional plastic cables.

The mouse itself is also comfortable to use, with dimensions of 120 x 80 x 42 mm (± 0.3 mm) that fit nicely in the hand. Overall, the WMG009WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse is an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for a reliable and feature-packed mouse at an affordable price point.

It's also worth noting that this mouse comes with a 6-month replacement warranty, which provides peace of mind in case of any defects or malfunctions. But remember that this warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, electricity faults, natural causes, or negligence.

In short, if you're in the market for a new gaming mouse, the WMG009WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse from Walton Digitech is definitely worth considering. With its customizable DPI settings, six keys, and durable design, it has everything you need to have an amazing gaming experience. Most importantly, it comes with an affordable price of only BDT 495. So, it can be the best budget gaming mouse for you.

Walton Gaming Wired Mouse | WMG010WB- Best Wired Gaming Mouse

The WMG010WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse from Walton Digitech is a sleek and stylish mouse that is perfect for gamers who want a reliable and customizable gaming experience. This mouse has a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition, and it is a great choice for gamers of all levels.

This model’s features are quite similar to the above model except for its shape. This mouse itself is also comfortable to use, with dimensions of 129 x 61 x 31 mm (± 0.3 mm) that fit nicely in the hand. The size and shape of the mouse make it a good option for both claw and palm grip users. The seven LED lights with breathing effect add a nice touch of style to your gaming setup as well.

Overall, the WMG010WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse from Walton Digitech is a great choice for gamers who are looking for a reliable and customizable mouse at a reasonable price point. The 6-month replacement warranty provides peace of mind in case of any defects or malfunctions, although it is important to remember that this warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, electricity faults, natural causes, or negligence.

In short, if you're in the market for a new gaming mouse, the WMG010WB Gaming Wired Optical Mouse from Walton Digitech is definitely worth considering. With its customizable DPI settings, six keys, and durable design, it can be your best-wired gaming mouse to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Final Words:

By now you must have become quite sure about your desired mouse after reading this blog- “The Best Gaming Mouse of 2023 (Don't Miss It!)” Having the right gaming mouse is essential for achieving optimal performance and accuracy. Ultimately, the best gaming mouse for you depends on your personal preferences and gaming style.


What is the future of gaming mice?

Ans: The future of gaming mice is likely to see continued improvements in processing power and accuracy, with new functionality becoming possible as a result. Again, we might see the development of smart plastics for mouse bodies, which could enable self-repair and the ability to change surface texture and temperature. There might even be advances in shape-shifting technology, allowing the mouse to adapt to the user's hand and grip style. Other potential areas for innovation include enhanced haptic feedback, new input methods beyond traditional buttons, and improved wireless connectivity with even lower latency. As technology advances, the possibilities for the future of gaming mice are endless.

What is the usefulness of a gaming mouse?

Ans:Investing in a gaming mouse can be a wise choice if you're looking for a more comfortable, durable, and feature-rich device that is specifically designed for optimal gaming performance. Gaming mice come in various shapes and sizes to fit different grip styles, feature additional programmable buttons for faster access to commands, and offer faster response times to meet the demands of serious gamers. Whether you're playing competitively or just want a better gaming experience, a gaming mouse can enhance your gameplay and give you an edge over the competition.

Why is a mouse crucial in gaming?

Ans:In fast-paced games like first-person shooters, precision is critical. DPI, or dots per inch, refers to how much information the mouse takes in per inch and communicates to the computer. A higher DPI can provide better control for gamers when used correctly.

Can gaming mice improve FPS?

Ans:Although gaming mice can offer significant improvements in comfort, durability, and functionality, they may not necessarily enhance your in-game performance right out of the box. While upgrading from a cheap mouse to a gaming mouse can certainly provide a noticeable difference, you can further optimize your gaming experience by adjusting various settings and configurations.

Who was the inventor of the gaming mouse?

Ans:Krakoff is known for numerous innovations, but his most significant contribution to the gaming industry is arguably the Razer Boomslang. Launched in 1999, it is widely recognized as the first-ever gaming mouse and revolutionized the way gamers play.

How many years does a gaming mouse last?

Ans:Gaming mice typically have an average lifespan of 2-3 years, although some models can last up to five or even ten years. The longevity of a gaming mouse usually depends on the brand. The renowned brands are known for producing more durable and longer-lasting mice.


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