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Generally, a PC contains lots of components in it to run programs properly. Those significant components are the processor, RAM, storage drive, motherboard, etc. These components are constantly working after turning on the PC. As a result, during heavyweight processing like gaming, your PC temperature gets high.

This high level of temperature can impact the lifespan of the PC. It might damage your computer's hardware. So, when you are building your desktop, you must focus on the proper cooling management system.

Especially when you are gaming you must keep your computer cool. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can control the temperature of your computer during gaming.

So, let's focus on that.

7 Must-Needed Tips for Cooling Down Your PC During Gaming

  1. Change the CPU Fan
  2. Well, the CPU is a major part of our computer. It controls the other components and the overall performance of the PC. Normally, a desktop contains fans to reduce the temperature of the PC.

    But sometimes, the CPU fan can cause heating issues. Because when your CPU fan gets older, the speed of the fan becomes slower. As a result, the CPU fan can't control the temperature of your computer during PC gaming.

    So if your CPU fan runs very slowly, you must focus on changing the fan.  There are different types of CPU coolers available in the tech market. You can easily replace the fan. Also, you can ask someone expert to change the fan of your desktop.

  3. Stop Overclocking
  4. In terms of gaming, you always want your PC to provide you with the best performance. Your GPU controls the graphics management like higher FPS and higher visual quality.

    But with modern computers, you can also boost the performance of your GPU and CPU. This process is called overclocking. This means you create pressure on your GPU for extra processing.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of overclocking methods. It incredibly increases the performance of the computer. But for the high clock speed, it dangerously increases the temperature of your PC.  One of the biggest disadvantages of overclocking is it increases the voltage of the PC. If your PC constantly runs on higher voltage this can impact the lifespan of the circuits.

    So, overclocking might provide you with the best gaming experience. But it increases the temperature of your PC. Which badly impacts the PC for long-term use. Rather than overclocking, you can invest in upgrading your GPU for a bettagaming experience.

  5. Turn of Background Processing
  6. We often multitask on our PC like browsing multiple tabs on the Internet browser. Generally, multi-tasking is safe for the modern generation of computers. Because most computers are crafted with powerful processors and GPUs. So these specifications are capable of multi-tasking flexibly.

    Besides that, different types of software are constantly running in the background. This software also uses CPU space. As a result, your CPU remains always busy after you turn on your computer.

    We know that gaming is a heavy-duty process for the computer. If this background process runs constantly when you are gaming, it will increase the temperature of your entire PC.

    So, you must turn off all the background processes to keep your PC cool during gaming time. How can you disable the background process of your computer?

    No worries! We will guide you to turn off the background process of your PC.

    First, go to your Windows search bar and search for "Task Manager". Open the Task Manager, you will see all the running programs. Now select the program that you want to turn off and click on the "End task" option. Through this process, you can easily turn off the background process of your computer.

  7. Invest in Liquid Cooling System
  8. Liquid cooling fans are effective alternative cooling systems for modern-generation PCs. The main purpose of the liquid cooling system is to create a cool environment for the components of the PC.

    We know that computers generally increase the temperature during task management. This is the natural process of the device. So, it's necessary to turn down to hot temperature as fast as you can. In this situation, the liquid cooling system will help you.

    One of the major advantages of the liquid cooling system is it will not consume too much space on your PC's hardware panel. But the air-cooling system contains multiple fans. As a result, it consumes lots of space on your PC.

    Another benefit of liquid cooling systems is that they don't create any noise at all. On the other hand, the air-cooling system creates noise for its fans. Besides that, liquid cooling is highly efficient for overclocking GPUs. Because it has higher cooling capabilities than the air-cooling system. 

    In our Walton DigiTech store, we have different models of advanced technology liquid cooling systems for computers.

    These two liquid coolers are capable of providing superior airflow which is highly effective to turn down the temperature of your computer. Also, it's created with a double RGB fan. We provide these liquid cooling systems at the most affordable price to our potential customers.

  9. Optimize the Airflow
  10. Airflow optimization is a significant step in cooling down the temperature of your computer. Without proper airflow optimization, your PC will constantly increase the CPU temperature. This will become harmful to the longevity of your PC.

    First of all, you have to keep your PC in a well-ventilated area. So that the air can easily pass away. Suppose you place the PC in the corner of your, it will not be helpful for better ventilation.

    Appropriate cable management is also important for the proper ventilation process for the computer. If your exhaust cooling fan is covered with multiple cables, it will not be able to provide sufficient airflow. As a result, your PC temperature will automatically go higher than the normal condition. You can use zip ties to organize the cables appropriately.

    If you can properly follow all these factors, your PC airflow will be in good condition. So, you don't have to worry about heating issues at all.

  11. Clean the Physical Parts
  12. After a long time of use, various dirt and dust accumulate on your PC's physical components. This dust can create a blockage to the airflow ventilation area of your computer. Also, when your cooling becomes covered with dust, it will automatically run very slowly. For that purpose, you must clean up your PC regularly.

    For better cleaning, you have to carefully follow these significant steps.

    • First, turn off your computer appropriately. Unplug all the electric cables and plugs.
    • Take your PC to a flat and dry place.
    • Now carefully remove the casing of the PC.
    • You can use a little vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the PC.

    We hope that you have cleaned your PC properly. Now the question might come to your mind: how often do you have to clean your PC? There is no standard limit to cleaning the desktop. When you think that too much dust has already accumulated on the PC, you can clean it.

  13. Check for Virus and Malware
  14. In this modern era of new technology, there are lots of viruses and malware available on the internet. When you are browsing on the Internet and downloading, your PC might get attacked by viruses. It can slow down the performance of your PC.

    For that purpose, you should check the virus and malware threats regularly. Many people think that they need additional anti-virus software to check the virus threats.

    But in the latest versions of the Windows operating system, the authorities set up a built-in powerful anti-virus function called "Windows Security". So, you don't require any type of additional antivirus software on your PC.  In fact, anti-virus software can slow down the speed of your computer during gaming.

    Windows Security will automatically scan the virus and malware threats regularly. If it finds any issue it will automatically notify you about potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: How much RAM is optimum for a gaming PC?
  2. Ans: At least 8GB of RAM is needed for running most of the latest PC games. But if you have enough budgets, you should upgrade the up to 12-16 GB.

  3. Ques: What is the highest temperature limit for computers?
  4. Ans: Generally, 85–90-degree Celsius temperature is considered the maximum limit. If you constantly run your PC at this temperature, it can lower the lifespan of your CPU.

  5. Why is overclocking dangerous for PCs?
  6. Ans: Overclocking is a process where you create extra pressure on your processor for more performance. This process is dangerous because it can damage your CPU permanently.

Final Words

We already know that gaming is a heavy-duty task for computers. To run any type of high-graphics game you need a powerful processor and GPU. During gaming, the PC normally increases the CPU temperature. It's not dangerous if you know about controlling the temperature of the PC. In this article, we have discussed some significant tips that will help you to maintain your PC cool during gaming.


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