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Apr 1, 2023 Published


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If you want to improve the security of your home and office, you must choose perfect quality CCTV cameras. There is no doubt that CCTV cameras are the most efficient accessories for monitoring activities.

Multiple types of modern and advanced technology CCTV cameras are available in the Bangladeshi tech market.

But how can you understand which is the best choice for you? No worries, I will share with you some important factors that will help you to choose the best CCTV camera for your home and office.

Types Of CCTV Cameras

  1. Dome CCTV Camera

    Dome CCTV cameras are the most commonly used security surveillance cameras in our country. The shape of this camera is similar to a dome. So, people named this a dome CCTV camera.

    This type of CCTV camera is special for the low light area. Because it has built-in infrared LED light functionality.

    Also, it's very flexible to set up in any corner of the office and house. Most dome cameras have motion sensor functionality. So users can easily zoom in and out, and change the camera angle.

    One of the fascinating factors of the dome CCTV camera is its huge coverage functionality. This type of camera has a wide-angle lens.

    So it can properly capture the maximum area. Of this ultra-coverage functionality, people like dome cameras. Also, the overall design structure is very protective. So it's useful for the long term.

  2. Bullet Camera

    Bullet cameras are another famous type of camera among security surveillance accessories. This is a traditional kind of CCTV camera. Bullet cameras are special for outside area monitoring such as parking lots, airports, traffic intersections, etc.

    The most essential benefit of dome cameras is that they are very easy to install. You can easily install the camera wall, ceiling, and wall mounting racks. Besides that, you can set up the camera in a very flexible position.

    The building structure of the bullet cameras is waterproof. So, people feel safe setting them up in the outer space of the house and offices.

     So on a rainy day, you don't have to take any tension. Another fascinating factor of the bullet camera is it has a larger lens setup.

    You know that larger lenses are very helpful for capturing longer-distance areas. So that it can easily cover the whole parking lot and long distance of the road. Some of the latest models of bullet cameras contain night vision functionality.

  3. IP CCTV Camera

    Now I am going to discuss with you the most modern and advanced version of CCTV cameras. IP cameras are very popular for their new technology and features. It's a powerful digital security surveillance system.

    IP cameras don't need any local recording device like traditional CCTV cameras. It transmits the video data through a local IP network.

    That specific IP network connects with the user's smartphones or computers. So that they can easily monitor the activities from anywhere.

    IP cameras specially use WIFI and ethernet for transferring the video footage to the connected device. So the data transformation process runs through the internet. Most IP cameras have a function for two-way audio.

    So the user can listen and speak through the microphone on the camera. It creates a huge opportunity to improve security to another level. This function is beneficial for the door security surveillance area. If anyone knocks on the door, you can see and communicate with him or her during the verification process.

    Another essential factor of remote accessibility. On the other type of traditional CCTV camera, you can never have the functionality for remote controlling. But from the IP camera, you can easily monitor video from anywhere. Also, the video quality of the IP camera comes with a higher resolution.

Things To Consider Before Buying CCTV Camera For Home Office

I hope that you have got a proper idea about the types of CCTV cameras. Now let's focus on how you can choose the best CCTV camera for regular use. In this section, I am going to discuss some important tips.

  1. Image Quality

    There is no doubt that image quality is always an essential factor for accessories like cameras. Because the main purpose of the camera is to provide good-quality images.

    Suppose you set up a CCTV camera in your house for better security. But the image quality of the camera is not good enough. Will it help monitor your house? You can't recognize who is a thief or who is your friend.

    The modern generation CCTV cameras can capture high-resolution images. You must ensure that your camera can capture images in at least 720p resolution. If possible try to buy a 1080p resolution CCTV camera.

    Because 1080p resolution is appropriate for decent-quality videos.

    But sometimes people need more crystal clear and smooth video footage. It is especially needed for the professional and higher authority places like governmental palaces, central banks, etc.

    For this type of place, you should choose 2K and 4K resolution cameras. This type of IP camera is more expensive than regular IP cameras. But in this situation price does not matter in terms of high security.

    So for regular use, you need to ensure that your CCTV camera can capture 1080p videos.

  2. Camera Range

    The image quality of the camera is also equally important for the performance of the CCTV camera. The range means how much area your CCTV camera can easily cover. Especially if you're trying to find a CCTV camera for outdoor use, the camera must require videos in the higher range.

    The range of the CCTV camera depends on the camera lens. A wide-lens camera can properly cover more area than a regular lens camera. Also, ultra-wide lenses are capable of capturing larger areas.

    Most of the modern types of CCTV cameras have a motion detector system. It can move the camera angle based on the object's movement. But how much range is essential for CCTV cameras?

    You must ensure that your camera can capture a 30-50 feet area. Suppose you want a CCTV camera for the outside area of your office. So the higher range camera will be effective for this range.

    On the other hand, you need a camera for your office waiting room. For a room, your CCTV camera doesn't need to require huge area coverage. a 10-20 feet camera range is enough for internal CCTV cameras.

    So we can say that the range of the CCTV camera depends on the area of use.

  3. Storage Capacity

    You might think that is why storage capacity is important for devices like CCTV cameras. But every CCTV camera system needs enough storage capacity.

    Because you know that CCTV cameras are capturing videos for a longer period. Now all this captured video must be stored in a specific storage. Otherwise, the camera will not be able to capture the videos at all. Because the system doesn't have any storage capacity unit.

    In general, most CCTV camera systems have built-in storage systems like memory cards, hard drives, etc. For SD card slots you should choose 64GB or 128GB of storage. This storage capacity is enough for storing security surveillance footage.

    But most CCTV cameras don't have an option for SD card slots. Generally, most CCTV cameras are attached to the computer system. So that videos can easily be stored on the computer's hard drive.

  4. Setup Functionality

    Just the CCTV camera features are not enough for a good quality CCTV camera. The camera needs to be set up very nicely. Otherwise, you will not get the right video footage that you want.

    You already know that dome cameras are more efficient for easy setup and installation. Because these cameras come with a flexible size that you can place anywhere in your house.

    Also, there are some latest models of CCTV cameras available that contain a magnetic surface to attach the camera to the surface area.

    In our Walton Digitech store, we have the latest models of HD cameras, network cameras, NVR, and XVR/DVR.

Top Best CCTV Camera In Bangladesh


Final Words

CCTV cameras are the most important accessories for strengthening the security of the office and home. So you must choose the right camera. You might choose a low-quality security surveillance camera at a cheap price. But I think it's not the right choice. Because you should never compromise the security of your office or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: How much range is enough for a home CCTV camera?

    Ans: 20-40 feet coverage range is quite enough for the home CCTV cameras. But the camera range depends on the area.

  2. Ques: Which type of CCTV camera is the best?

    Ans: IP cameras are the best option for security monitoring. Because it's built with more advanced and latest technology.

  3. Ques: Which is the best HD CCTV camera?

    Ans: PINEVIEW HD CAMERA | WH21D is the best and most affordable CCTV camera in Bangladesh.


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