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MDM Software in Bangladesh| Walton MDM

Empower Your Enterprise Mobility with Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software stands as a beacon, ensuring a harmonious blend of productivity and security. Seamlessly integrating the power of mobility into corporate operations, MDM software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage, monitor, and secure devices accessing sensitive corporate data.

Comprehensive Device Management

At its core, MDM software provides a robust framework for managing various facets of mobile devices. From overseeing device functionalities to ensuring stringent security measures, it caters to the intricate needs of both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.

Key Features of MDM Software

Device Management: Gain control over devices accessing corporate data, whether they're Android, Apple, Windows, or Chrome-based.

App Management: Streamline app distribution, manage app inventories, and ensure the deployment of enterprise-approved applications effortlessly.

Security Management: Fortify enterprise security by remotely erasing data, detecting non-compliance violations, and ensuring safe network access.

Email and Content Management: Safeguard enterprise email, control app inventories, and maintain document security with ease.

360° Support for Enterprise Mobility Management

The MDM software offers a unified interface for managing multiple mobile platforms, making the management of diverse devices a seamless process. Its user-friendly dashboard with intuitive controls simplifies device management, keeping them compliant with corporate policies while providing live troubleshooting capabilities.

Tailored Device Control and Security

The versatility of MDM software lies in its ability to cater to both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. Enrolling and authenticating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate devices becomes a hassle-free process, bringing them swiftly under management while maintaining stringent security protocols.

Efficient App Distribution and Security

Effortlessly distribute and manage mobile applications across various operating systems-iOS, Android, macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows. Maintain control over app licenses, ensure data solidarity by detaching corporate profiles from personal ones, and enforce kiosk mode to restrict device usage to enterprise-approved apps.

Robust Security Measures for Corporate Data

Protect corporate data by remotely erasing device data in case of loss or theft, detecting and reporting non-compliance violations, and ensuring safe access to the network. Containerize emails, integrate email platforms securely, and control access to attachments and documents. Safeguarding sensitive corporate information is paramount, and the MDM software offers an arsenal of security tools to fortify enterprise resources. In the event of device loss or theft, the software allows for remote data erasure to secure corporate data. Additionally, it detects and reports non-compliance violations, ensuring safe network access and protecting enterprise emails through Conditional Exchange Access (CEA).

Striking the Balance Between Corporate and Personal

MDM software ensures the separation of corporate and personal information on devices, maintaining data integrity. It allows for encrypted enterprise data, selective account settlement, and the creation of secure vaults to manage commercial app access to company premises.

Securing and Managing Documents

Effortlessly control the distribution and management of documents on mobile devices. The MDM software facilitates secured documentation, restricting access to documents solely to authorized applications on the devices. It ensures devices are updated with newer versions of distributed documents while maintaining data solidarity by separating corporate profiles from personal ones.

In a world where mobility is key to productivity, MDM software emerges as a guardian, enabling enterprises to harness the potential of mobile devices while safeguarding critical corporate data. With its multifaceted approach to device, app, and security management, it provides a robust foundation for a seamless, secure, and productive mobile ecosystem within enterprises. In a dynamic business environment where mobility and security go hand in hand, MDM software emerges as an indispensable solution. It not only streamlines device and app management but also fortifies enterprise security, creating a robust ecosystem for seamless and secure enterprise mobility.

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