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Nowadays portable devices like tablets are very popular along with laptops and computers. The tablet is a device that is a smaller version of a laptop. Most tablets run on android operating systems. Also, some of the tablets run windows and the IOS operating system.

With the help of a good quality and featureful tablet, you can improve the productivity of your daily life. tablets are helpful for students. They can easily do online classes and take necessary notes on tablets.

5 Best Decent Quality And High Config Tablets In Bangladesh

  1. Walton Walpad 8G 8 Inch 4GB RAM 64GB Storage Android Tablet

    Walton Walpad 8G 8 Inch 4GB RAM 64GB Storage android tablet is one of the popular tablets in our Walton Digitech store. As the processor of this tablet, we have used a 2.0 GHz Quad/Octa-core processor. You know this type of processor is efficient for the performance of the android operating system.

    The most fascinating factor of this tablet is its storage. The storage capacity of this device is 64GB. It's enough for storing different types of files and documents. Also if you are an android gamer, it will help you to play different types of big-size games.

    A large screen is very significant for tablets. This tablet has 8’’ IPS (1280 x 800) Display. Also, the battery capacity of this tablet is 5000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. Without the latest version of the Android operating system, you can't be able to run all the apps properly.

    So, this tablet has been built based on the Android 11 version operating system. If you want you can extend the storage of these devices with an extra memory card. Because it has a slot for an external memory card.

  2. Walton Walpad 10P 10 Inch 6GB RAM 128GB Storage Android Tablet

    Are you looking for a slim and thin tablet for your regular use? You can choose Walton Walpad 10P 10 Inch 6GB RAM 128GB Storage Android Tablet without any hesitation.

    Along with the design, the high configuration makes this tablet a stylish and work-efficient device. It's available in two different variants like 4GB and 6GB. Besides that, it has the latest and updated Helio P60; 2.0GHz Octa-Core Processor (12nm).

    Also, you don't have to be worried about storing multiple types of programs and files. Because this tablet has 128GB internal storage capacity.

    We know that the CPU is the core factor for laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    Because it influences all the processes of the device. This tablet has a powerful 4x Cortex- A73 2.0 GHz + 4x Cortex- A53 2.0 GHz CPU.

    Generally, portable devices like smartphones and tablets need strong mobile networks for internet browsing. Walpad 10P supports 2G/3G/4G networks. So you will flexibly use the internet from anywhere.

    You already know about the importance of the battery of your device. This tablet has a powerful Li-Polymer battery in it. It has a huge 7000mAh battery capacity.

  3. Walton Prelude S41 Windows Tablet with 4GB RAM 128GB Storage

    Along with the laptop, the windows operating system tablets are also popular for their portable functionality. So we have built our Walton Prelude S41 Windows with 4GB RAM and a 128GB Storage tablet. It's specially assembled for Windows tablet lovers.

    First, let's focus on the processor of this tablet. Prelude S41 has a powerful and latest generation of Intel® N4100 1.10GHz up to 2.40GHz processor. With the processor, it has 4GB LPDDR4 2400MHz Onboard RAM on it.

    Also, this laptop has a huge screen. The screen size of this laptop is 10.1” FHD(1920x1080). It's an IPS Matte LED Backlit Display with 45% NTSC.

    With this large size display, you can enjoy any kind of video. It will be very helpful for the students.

    With a powerful processor, a tablet must need a good amount of storage capacity. It will automatically improve the overall performance of the tablet.

    Walton S41 has 128GB eMMC functionality. In this large-size storage, you can independently store your favorite files and documents.

    Although it's a window tab, a decent graphics management system is a very essential factor. Because a work-efficient GPU provides a smooth UI experience. This tablet has an Intel® UHD Graphics 600 system.

  4. Walton Walpad 10S 10.5 Inch 4GB RAM 64GB Storage Android Tablet

    Walton Walpad 10S 10.5 Inch 4GB RAM 64GB storage android tablet is one of the popular and high config tablets in our collection. It's an android operating system tablet.

    Especially if you are looking for a powerful android tablet it's the best option for you. As a processor Walpad 10S Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660, Octa-core CPU. You know that the Snapdragon processor is a high-performing processor. If you are an android gaming enthusiast, it's the best choice for you.

    Slimmest and aesthetic design make this tablet more premium to its users. It also has an integrated portable keyboard, which will help you get a pc like an experience from your tablet.

    By the way, this beautiful tablet has a 10.5-inch big-size AMOLED display. AMOLED displays are the new generation display that is specially used in smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It consumes a very low amount of power than the traditional display. Also, the image quality of the display is more clear and more colorful.

    The most attractive feature of this tablet is its higher-level battery capacity. It has a 7700mAh work-efficient and powerful battery in it.  Along with that, you will get the fastest 18w charger. So you don't need to worry about charging issues.

  5. Walton Walpad 10H 10 Inch 4GB RAM 128GB Storage Android Tablet

    Walton Walpad 10H 10 Inch 4GB RAM 128GB Storage Android Tablet is the last tablet in our precious tablets collections. This tablet is special for doing basic types of tasks such as video watching, online conferencing, online classes, notes, etc.

    With all these minimal tasks this tablet will give you a decent experience. As a processor, we have used the 2.0GHz Helio P60 Processor. It's a MediaTek processor. MediaTek is famous for providing good performance at the most affordable prices. It's the latest version of the MediaTek processor, so I hope you will get a decent experience.

    There is no confusion that the RAM is essential for boosting the performance of the processor. Because RAM processes the temporary data for running any programs. So Walton Walpad 10H has 4GB of RAM. It's very efficient for running multiple types of apps at a single time. You will not face any difficulties while multitasking.

    Not just the RAM, but enough storage capacity is also very important for the overall performance of the tablet. We have attached 128GB of huge size internal storage capacity in it. Also if you want, you can increase the storage size.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tablets

Focus on the Operating System

When you are going to purchase devices like tablets and smartphones, you should focus on the operating system of the device. Because the android operating system provides different functionality than the window operating system. If you want to use your tablet as a laptop then you can choose a window operating system tablet.

Sufficient Battery Capacity

A decent amount of battery capacity is always significant for portable devices like tablets and smartphones. Generally, a tablet needs more battery capacity than a smartphone. A good quality tab should contain 5000-8000 mAh battery capacity.

So you don't have to worry about the battery life of the tablet.

Appropriate Screen Size

Screen size is another crucial factor for devices like tablets. A full-functional tablet needs to have a huge size display. Otherwise, it will look like a smartphone. Especially when you are watching any videos, you just need a big screen.

Also for the students, a large screen is very important. Because a small screen can create eye strain. It creates huge pressure on the eye.  So you must choose an 8-10 inch screen size tablet.

Perfect Storage

A good amount of storage is always significant for devices like tablets. Nowadays we store multiple types of files, videos, photos, etc on the tablet. So if the tablet doesn't have enough space, you can make a good collection.

Most of the modern generation tablets contain 64-128 GB storage. I can suggest you choose 128GB storage tablets for your everyday use.

Final Words

We know that a perfect tablet can optimize our everyday tasks more efficiently. But you need to understand which tablet is the best option for you. Numerous online stores sell multiple versions of tablets. If you properly have ideas about the features and specifications of the tablet you can easily choose the best one. In the upper list, I have discussed some high-config tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ques: Why is screen size important for tablets?

    Ans: A large screen is always significant for improving the viewing experience. So a good quality tablet should contain a large screen.

  2. Ques: What is the best battery capacity for tablets?

    Ans: A tablet should contain at least 5000-8000 mAh battery capacity. It is very helpful for flexible use.

  3. Ques:Which is the best tablet for students?

    Ans: Walton Walpad 10P 10 Inch 6GB RAM 128GB Storage Android Tablet is the best tablet for students.


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