Press Release

Aug 10, 2022

‘Walton Laptop Presents Penta Skills for Fresher’s Employability’ to be held in Titumir College

Government Titumir College is a historical educational institution of Bangladesh which used to be known as Jinnah College before the independence of the country.

It is also considered the largest educational institution in terms of the number of students. Yet there had been no club on the college premises which was solely focused on training the students of the campus to uplift their employability and entrepreneurial skills.

Considering the issue, in early 2020, Tawhidul Islam Khan, a student of the management department then, along with a few of his peers, took the initiative to establish a such club, reads a press release.

The moderator of the club, Assistant Professor Rita Khandaker, management department, came forward to help to take the initiative into reality.

With the motto of "Be a Changemaker" Government Titumir College Entrepreneurship and Business Club started its journey in February 2020.

The club is developed upon three pillars "Educate," "Engage" and "Empower."

To maintain the function of the club, it works on the 4C model which consists of "Content," "Coaching," "Compete" and "Connect."

Since the inception of the club, it has held numerous workshops, seminars, competitions and many other events for the welfare of the students of the campus.

And it has also introduced the students of the campus to the world's largest entrepreneurial competition 'Hult Prize on-campus'.

Very recently first ever time in the history of Government Titumir College, the club has brought the country's largest tech company "Walton" to the campus through an event named "Walton Laptop Presents Penta Skills for Fresher's Employability" in which the participants of the event will be trained on five basic employability skills to kick-start their career by highly qualified industry professionals.

The registration process for the program is ongoing and open to all the students of Titumir College.

Rita Khandaker, an assistant professor at the institution's management department, who serves as the club's moderator, said, "Over my past years of experience teaching the students of the campus, I've seen many students who I believe have the potential to succeed as entrepreneurs, employees, or government officials.

"To develop these pupils and bring out the best in them, a platform was desperately needed."

The founder and former president of the club, Tawhidul Islam Khan expressed "I dream that one day like other Public and Private universities, graduates of our campus would be seen at Bangladesh's leading multinational corporations.

"The majority of our club's graduates are either running their businesses or working at NGOs and different companies. Moreover, many of the graduates have moved abroad or pursuing their masters from prestigious institutions such as DU, DU-IBA, JU-IBA, BUP etc."

Current CEO of the club, Israt Jerin Khan stated, "Over the years we have been trying to alter the scenario of Government Titumir College, introducing the students to case studies, career development, entrepreneurship and other subjects to keep pace with other university students.

"We are glad that we are seeing that our alumni and current students are now exploring different career paths and accelerating their growth than only government jobs."